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Registering a partner

If you are cohabiting or living abroad, you have to register your partner with us yourself.
Are you going to cohabit? Or do you live abroad? If so, you must register your partner with us. If you do not register your partner with us, your partner will not receive any pension from us if you die. If you get married or register your partnership in the Netherlands, your municipality will provide us with this information.


You cohabit 
You can register your partner with us via

However, you can only register your partner if you fulfil the following conditions:

You have a joint household. 
You both reside at the same address and are both registered with the municipality at this address.
Neither you nor your partner are married or part of a registered partnership.
You and your partner are not: parent and child, great grandparent and grandchild or parent-in-law and son-in-law/daughter-in-law.
You and your partner are/were cohabiting before you retire/retired.


Please note: If you die before you have cohabited for six months, or you fail to fulfil the conditions, your partner will not receive a partner’s pension from us.  


You live abroad
You can register your partner by providing a copy of the marriage certificate or an extract from your municipality. In doing so, you should state your registration number or citizen's service number (BSN).

Email a scan of your marriage certificate:
Or send a copy of the certificate to: Pensioenfonds PGB, Attn. Klantenservice, Postbus 2311, 1180 EH  AMSTELVEEN



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