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This is what we do

We keep track of exactly how much pension you are building up and provide you with information about this.

This is what happens with your pension capital
Each month your employer pays us for the fact that you are building up your pension (capital). Do you pay as well? Then your employer withholds your portion from your salary. You can see for yourself on your paycheck if you pay for your pension and how much.

We keep track of exactly how much pension (capital) you are building up We also invest your pension capital. We do this because we expect that, in the long term, this will yield more money than simply saving. Your final pension only consists for a part of the money that you pay (together with your employer). The other part comes from our return on investments.

When you eventually will retire you will receive retirement pension from us. When you pass away, this pension ceases. Do you also have partner pension with us? Then your partner will receive this pension from us when you pass away.

This is how we keep you informed about your pension
Each year, you will receive a pension overview that shows how much pension you have already built up. Are you no longer building up pension with us? Then you will receive a pension overview every 5 years. You can also look at your pension via

We will also send you information at the following times:
- when you begin to build up pension with us;
- when you get divorced;
- when you stop building up pension with us;
- when you are about to retire;
- when your pension scheme changes.

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