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This is what we ask of you

It's important that you think about your pension from time to time

From time to time, you should look at your pension situation
At a later stage, your pension will be your income. It is, therefore, important you know how much pension you will receive when that time comes. You can do that via You should, for example, do so if anything changes in your life. Here you can see which changes have an impact on your pension.

Please inform us of any changes 
We receive the majority of changes from your municipality. Some changes however, you have to let us know by yourself:

You have a new e-mail address
Have you given us permission to communicate with you digitally? ? If so, it’s essential we have your email address. We will then send you an email whenever there is new post for you. You can provide us with your new email address via

- You move house to live abroad or while you are living abroad.
In which case, we will not be sent your new address by the municipality. You have to inform us yourself. Via you can send us your new postal address.

Moving; moving abroad; New e-mail address