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You become unemployed

If you become unemployed, this has consequences for your pension.

Have you become unemployed? Then you are no longer building up pension with us. The pension you have already built up remains yours.

The following will also change
- If you pass away your  partner will receive less or no partner pension from us.
- If you become unfit for work we will not pay for building up your pension. Unless you were sick prior to becoming unemployed. Then we pay for the part for which you became unfit for work due to your illness.

You have 2 choices

1. Do you want more pension for your partner?
Is your partner pension less than legally permitted? You can choose for more pension for your partner. If you do you will receive less pension from us when you retire.

2. Do you want to continue to build up pension with us?
You can continue to build up a partial pension with us for a maximum of 3 years. This choice must be made within 9 months of becoming unemployed. You can read how this works here.