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You become ill or unfit for work

If you become ill or unfit for work, this has consequences for your pension.

The first 2 years that you are ill you will receive a salary as usual. But you may receive less salary. If that happens, then you will most likely build up less pension with us.

You become unfit for work
After 2 years UWV (the Employee Insurance Agency) checks if you are incapacitated for work. Are you at least 35% unfit for work? UWV will inform us.

Er There are 2 things that will be different for you:
1. You will receive benefits of UWV. It depends on your pension scheme if you will receive benefits from us.
2. You will build up pension for the part that you are unfit for work at our costs. For the part that you continue to work, your employer will pay (together with you). Please note that you may build up less pension.