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Being unemployed affects your pension.

When you are unemployed, you no longer accrue pension with us. However, the pension you have already accrued remains yours.




The following changes also apply:
- If you die, your partner will receive less or no partner’s pension from us.
- If you become occupationally disabled, we will no longer pay for your
  pension accrual, unless you were ill before you became unemployed. In the
  latter case, we will pay the percentage that is equivalent to your degree of
  occupational disability.

You have a choice of two options

1. Would you like to have a higher pension for your partner?
Is your partner’s pension less than legally permitted? If so, you can accrue more pension for your partner. As a consequence, your own pension will be lower.

2. Would you like to continue accruing pension with us?
You may continue accruing pension with us for a maximum of three (3) years. You must make a decision in this context within nine (9) months of becoming unemployed. Here you van read how this works.  


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