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Retiring early or later

Perhaps you would like to retire early. Or later. Part-time retirement is possible as well.

Early retirement
You can retire when you turn 55 years of age. When you decide to retire early your pension shall decrease, because you build up pension for a shorter period. At the same time you will receive a pension from us for a longer period of time. You can only retire early if you stop working.

Late retirement
You can delay your retirement up to a maximum of 5 years after your normal retirement date. Then you will receive more pension. This is because you will receive a pension from us for a shorter period. But, when you start receiving old-age pension, you no longer build up pension with us. You can only retire later if you continue to work.

Part-time retirement
You can also opt to continue working part-time and retiring part-time. This also influences the amount of your pension. You retire part-time for the hours that you stop working. You continue to work the other hours.

Calculate what your choice means for your pension.