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Retiring early or later

You may wish to retire early or later; and it's possible to do so. You can even opt to retire partially.

Retiring early
You can retire as of your 55th birthday. As a consequence, your pension will be lower. This is because you have accrued pension for a shorter period; and because you will be receiving pension from us for a longer period.



If you are completely (i.e. 100%) occupationally disabled, you are only allowed to start receiving your pension within the five-year period preceding your state retirement age (AOW-datum). Subsequently, you will no longer accrue pension. If you are only partially occupationally disabled, you are entitled to retire and receive your pension early to the extent you have stopped working (that is for the part you are not deemed occupationally disabled). Regarding the hours you are deemed occupationally disabled, you may only retire early within the five-year period preceding your state retirement age (AOW-datum). 

Retiring later 
You can defer your pension for a maximum of 5 years after your standard retirement date. As a result you will receive a higher pension. This is because you will receive pension from us for a shorter period. However, once you start receiving a state pension, you stop accruing pension with us.

Retiring partially
You can even opt to retire partially and to carry on working part-time. However, even this choice will have an impact on the level of your pension. You will receive part of your pension for the hours you are no longer working. During the other hours, you continue working.

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