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Retirement abroad

If you live abroad, you have to provide us with additional information

Approximately three (3) months before your retirement date you will receive a letter from us. This will explain how you apply for your pension. However, we can only send you this letter if we know where you live. Consequently, its vital you ensure we have your address.' This letter will contain a ‘Proof of permanent residence' form. Please compete this form and return it to us.

We also need you to provide the following information

1. A life certificate
Your municipality will not automatically inform us when you die. We, therefore, need proof that you are still alive. Annually you will receive a Life certificate ’ from us. You should have this form completed by a civil-law notary, the population register or the police and return it to us.

2. Tax exemption from the Tax Office

If you are paying tax in the country where you reside, it's important you apply  to the Tax Office for a tax exemption. Otherwise, we will withhold tax from your pension and you may end up being subject to double taxation. You should allow for a period of six to eight weeks between you applying and us obtaining the exemption from the Tax Office.




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