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Pension abroad

If you reside abroad, we need extra information from you.

Approximately 3 months before your retirement date you will receive a letter from us. It will inform you as to how to apply for your pension. We can only send you this letter if we know where you live. Have you not yet provided us with your address? Please make sure you'll do this in time. You can read how to to this here.

We also need this information from you

1. Life certificate
Your municipality does not inform us when you die. This is why we need proof that you are still alive. You have received the 'Life Certificate' form together with our letter. Please make sure that the embassy, the consulate, the population register or the police fill out this form before you return it to us.

2. Exemption from the Tax Authorities
Do you pay taxes in the country where you reside? Then it's important that you apply for an exemption from the Tax Authorities. Otherwise we will withhold taxes from your pension and you will be paying double taxes. Please keep in mind that this process takes 6 to 8 weeks.