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Having my pensions paid out

On or around the 19th of each month, we transger your pension to you.

Below are the dates on which your pension will be transferred in 2020:
- Friday 17 January 
- Wednesday 19 February
- Thursday 19 March
- Friday 17 April 
- Tuesday 19 May
- Friday 19 June
- Friday 17 July
- Wednesday 19 August
- Friday 18 September
- Monday 19 October
- Monday 19 November
- Friday 18 December

We do not pay any holiday money
Your pension with us does not include any holiday money. Consequently, we will not make a separate holiday money payment in May.

Do you have a new bank account number?
If so, it's vital you pass on your new account number to us as quickly as possible. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to transfer your pension to you on time. You can provide your account number via:



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