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Applying for a pension

You have to apply for your pension yourself. This is because you have three (3) options to choose from regarding your pension.

Approximately three (3) months before your standard retirement date,  you will receive a letter from us. This will explain how you apply for your pension.



You have three options
It is important that you, together with your partner, give these options serious consideration.

1. Would you like to retire early or later?
2. Would you like more or less pension for your partner?
3. Would you like a higher or lower pension temporarily?

In this film we explain how to apply for your pension yourself.

 PGB Video


If you cohabit, you have to register your partner yourself
If you are cohabiting, you have to register your partner with us yourself. If you do not register your partner with us, or you fail to do so before you retire, your partner will not receive a partner's pension from us.