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Your pension scheme

As a standard, our communications are issued in Dutch. You will find a great deal of information in English on You can also call us.

Information about your pension scheme

You receive information concerning your pension scheme in three layers. This is called Pension 1-2-3. In layer 1 you can see an overview of what has been arranged for you. Would you like to read what kind of pension has been arranged for you? Then go to layer 2. Would you like to know legal information and more specific details concerning your pension scheme? Then go to layer 3. You can find your pension 1-2-3 at (only in Dutch). You can also find layer 1 and 2 on (only in Dutch).  

Layer 1 and 2 in English for some industries below

The information below is on industry level. Would you like to know what your employer has arranged for you? You can find personal information about your pension scheme at (only in Dutch). Login with your DigiD.


​RELX - defined contributionLayer 1 ​​Layer 2Pension schemes comparative tool
​​RELX - average salary Layer 1 ​​Layer 2Pension schemes comparative tool
Wholesale trade in flowers and plants Layer 1Layer 2
​Sea Fishing - Pension Scheme SeafarersLayer 1Layer 2
​Sea Fishing - Regular Pension Scheme Onshore StaffLayer 1Layer 2
​Sea Fishing - Onshore Staff Pension Scheme SeafarersLayer 1Layer 2
Jacobs Douwe EgbertsLayer 1Layer 2




Pension 1-2-3; Pension scheme