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What about your pension?

Your pension is a part of your income for later. 

Each month, your employer (together with you) pays for the building up of your pension (capital). When you retire, this is part of the money from which you must live.

Your income will later consist of 3 parts

1. Old-age pension from the government
The old-age pension is the pension you will receive later from the government. When you first receive old-age pension depends on your date of birth. You can calculate when your old-age pension begins here. How much old-age pension you will receive later depends on the number of years that you have resided or worked in the Netherlands. View the old-age pension amounts here.

2. Pension through your work
The pension that you build up through your employer is a supplement to your old-age pension. Please check here how much pension you have built up. 

3. Extra money arranged by you
You yourself can do something for your pension. For example, by putting money into a savings account, arranging for an annuity plan or by building up extra pension via us. 




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