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Transferring your pension

You can transfer any pension you have accrued elsewhere.

If you have accrued pension via your previous employer(s), you can transfer this pension to us. We refer to that as value transfer.

When is it sensible to transfer your pension?
Sometimes it is sensible to transfer your pension. For example, because you want all your pension to be in one place. However, sometimes there are disadvantages. Consequently it's important that you pay attention to a number of things:

1. What are the differences between your old and your new pension scheme?
Every pension scheme is different. It is, therefore, very important that you compare your old and your new pension schemes. You should pay attention to the following points:
- What options do you have when you retire?
- What arrangements have been made for your partner if you die?
- Do you know how much pension you'll get at a later date?
- Will your pension be increased every year?
2. What are the coverage ratios of your old and new pension fund?
The coverage ratio of a pension fund tells you whether or not the fund is financially healthy. If the coverage ratio is 100%, then a pension fund has precisely enough money to pay all the pensions. However, pension funds are only allowed to increase your pensions if the coverage ratio is above 110%.  

If you decide to transfer your pension
Transferring your pension takes between six to twelve months. Sometimes it can take even longer. For example, if the coverage ratio of one of the pension funds is lower than 100%. Then value transfer is not permitted.

Step 1: You ask us for a proposal
You login to log using your DigD, then you click on the button 'Transfer my pension.' Subsequently, you fill in your details and click on Send.
Step 2: We contact your old pension fund or pension insurer.
We ask your old pension fund or insurer what the value of your accrued pension is. Sometimes it takes a while before we receive an answer.
Step 3: You receive a proposal from us
Once we receive an answer, we calculate how much pension we would offer you based on the value of your pension with your old pension provider. We then make a proposal.
Step 4: You inform us whether you agree with the proposal
Once you have made a choice, you complete the form which forms part of the proposal, and sign it. If you have a partner, he or she must also sign the form. Subsequently, you return it to us.
Step 5: You will receive a letter when your value transfer is ready
If you agree to our proposal, we will contact your old pension provider. That pension provider then transfers the value of your pension to us. As soon as we have the money, we send you a letter.

Value transfer