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This is what Pensioenfonds PGB does

We keep a  precise record of how much pension you have accrued and inform you of this.

What happens with your pension capital?
Watch our film clip to see what we do with your pension money. In the clip, we provide a 2.5 minute explanation.


Every month, you pay an amount from your salary for your pension. On your payslip , you can see how much that is. Your employer also contributes, to ensure that you have money for your later years.

We keep a precise record of how much pension (pension capital) you have accrued. We also invest your pension money. We do that to ensure your pension grows. Your eventual pension only partially consists of the money that you, together with your employer, have contributed. The rest of your pension comes from our investment returns. 

When at a later date you stop working, you will receive a retirement pension from us. When you die, this pension is no longer paid. If you also have a partner’s pension with us, then your partner will receive this pension if you predecease him or her. 

If you would like more information about what happens with the contributions you pay, please refer to

Information about your pension
Each year, you receive a pension statement which stipulates how much pension you have already accrued. If you are no longer accruing pension with us, you will receive a pension statement once every five (5) years. You can also check your pension on

In addition, we will send you information whenever:
- you start accruing pension with us;
- you get divorced;
- you stop accruing pension with us;
- you are close to retiring;
- your pension scheme changes.

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