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Your pension is a part of the income you will receive at a later date. 

Each month, you and your employer pay towards your pension (capital). When you retire, this will form part of the money from which you have to live.


At this stage, your income will be made up of three components



1. A state pension from the government (AOW)
The state pension (AOW) is the pension you eventually receive from the government. The date on which you first receive your state pension depends on your date of birth. Here you can calculate when you will receive state pension. The level of your state pension will depend on the number of years you have lived or worked in the Netherlands. Here you can see how much your state pension will be.


2. A pension through your work
The pension that you accrue through your employer is a supplement to your state pension (AOW). Check out how much pension you have accrued. 


3. Extra money you have arranged yourself
You can also make pension arrangements yourself. For example, by saving money, concluding an annuity or by accruing extra pension with us.