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Partner's Pension

A partner’s pension is the pension that your partner receives if you predecease him/her

Your partner will only receive this pension if you have provided us with his/her details. On this page you can read how you register your partner with us.

Amongst other things, the amount your partner receives depends on when you actually die 
The amount also depends on the way in which you accrue a partner’s pension.
Suppose you die while you are still in employment. In that case, your partner will receive 70% of the pension you could have accrued had you worked until your state retirement age (AOW-leeftijd). 

Suppose you die after you have left your employer or have already retired. In that case, your partner will receive the partner’s pension you had accrued up until the date you ceased to be employed by your employer. In your Pension 1-2-3, at, you can see what arrangements your pension scheme is offering your partner. 

If you wish, you could also opt to accrue extra pension for your partner. On this page you can read more about how to do this.

If you do not have a partner at the time of your retirement 
You can convert the accrued partner’s pension into extra pension for you, yourself!