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On, you can find personal information about your pension; for example your current pension scheme and the digital post you receive from us. To log in to this personal environment, you must use your DigiD. A DigiD account is useful because numerous organisations now offer online services using the DigiD; for example Municipalities and the Tax and Customs Administration.


Do you not, as yet, have a DigiD?
If not, go to; opt for the English website and click on ‘Apply’. There you can also find all the frequently asked questions and answers about DigiD. 

Passing on changes via
If you would you like to pass on changes via, for example, a new email address, then your settings in DigiD must be correct. You can see your settings on; you opt for the tab “Login My DigiD’ and the screen ‘Inlogmethode’ appears. Set the login level of preference at log in on DigiD with SMS verification or the DigiD app. You can activate SMS verification in At any time, you can (continuously) send any changes to us via

Do you live abroad?
People who live abroad and do not have Dutch nationality will not have a DigiD. We have, therefore, thought up another way in which these participants can login. If you live abroad and do not have Dutch nationality, you should login using your BSN number and a password.  

You apply to us for a password
If you would like to login, you should apply to us for a password. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us using telephone number: 0031 20 541 82 00 or send an e-mail via

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