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How much pension have I accrued?

It's important to think about your pension each year

After all, this is the money you will have to live on at a later date. It is, therefore, important you know how much money you can expect to receive at a later date. For that reason, we advise you to carry out a pension check each year.


Check your pension in  four (4) steps
A pension check takes 15 minutes at most. You could, for example, do a check when you receive your pension statement. Or whenever something changes in your personal or working live.


Step 1: Log in to
You log in to using your DigiD; this is a secure website.  You are,therefore, the only person who can access your details.


Step 2: Check how much pension you will receive
You can see the net amounts you’ll receive each month when you retire, including your state pension (AOW). You can also see how much pension your partner will receive if you die. If you have a pension elsewhere, you should add that to the pension you have with us.


Step 3: List your expensditure
Make a list of your fixed expenditure. Also think about the things you would like to do after you retire and estimate what these would cost.


Step 4: Compare your income with your expenditures
Compare your expected expenditure with your total pension. If your expected expenditure is higher than your pension, it would be sensible to make extra arrangements to supplement your pension; by, for example, accruing extra pension.