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Partner pension above € 105,075

More financial security for the partner if your employee earns more than € 105,075.

Do you have employees who earn more than € 105,075 (amount 2018)? Then they do not build up retirement pension over the salary that is above this amount. If they die, their partners receive less partner pension. Through our Net Partner Pension Plus scheme, you can arrange for extra partner pension for them.

How does the Net Partner Pension Plus insurance work? 
Suppose: your employee earns € 150,000 and is 40 years of age. The salary that counts for the net partner pension: € 150,000 - € 105,075 = € 44,925. He or she can still build up pension for 27 years.

After 1 year the partner pension is: (€ 44,925 x € 1.875%) x 70% = € 589,64
In 27 years the partner pension is: € 589,64 x 27 = € 15,920.28 bruto per year

Because it is a net pension scheme, we deduct 51,95% tax from the pension.

This is the net insured amount: € 15,920.28 - (€ 15,920.28 x 51,59%) = € 7,649.70 per year

This amount is added to the partner pension in the basic scheme.

What are the costs?
Per employee you pay 1% of the salary above € 105,075 (amount 2018).

How to arrange for net partner pension
Are you interested in a Net Partner Pension Plus insurance for your employees? Please contact us. We will calculate the costs for you. We will also explain what the conditions are.

You can call us at: 020 541 83 00
Or mail us via: