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Extra retirement pension

More financial security for your employee when he retires.
Perhaps you can arrange extra retirement pension for your employees. A condition for this is that your employees have the fiscal room to build up extra pension tax-free.

You can arrange for extra retirement pension in 2 ways

1. Your employees build up extra retirement pension
You pay us an amount each month for building up extra retirement pension. Consider: the accrual rate is 1.75%. You could ensure that your employees build up 0.125% extra pension. In total, your employees then build up 1.875% pension. This can only happen if you have an average salary scheme.

2. Your employees build up extra pension capital
You pay us an amount for building up extra pension capital. By investing, we attempt to ensure that the capital grows. Your employees purchase pension from this capital. Thus they do not know beforehand how much extra retirement pension they will receive from us later.

How to arrange for extra retirement pension
Are you interested in building up extra retirement pension for your employees? Please contact us. We will calculate the costs for you. We will also explain what the conditions are.

You can call us at  : 020 541 83 00
Or mail us via  :