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Changes in my company

It is vital you pass on any changes in your company to us.








Company name and the address of the registered office

Is your company obliged to be affiliated? If so, it’s possible we receive changes from the Chamber of Commerce. On, you will be able to see if your changes have been passed on. If the changes have not appeared within 30 days, you should contact us. 

Are you affiliated on a voluntary basis? If so, you must pass on any changes to us yourself. The Chamber of Commerce will not do that automatically on your behalf.

Please send an email to: On, you can amend the correspondence address and the invoice address yourself.

Contact details
If you have a new e-mail address, telephone number or contact person, we must be informed of this as quickly as possible. Send an e-mail to: On, you can amend the new e-mail address, telephone number or contact person yourself.
Account number
You can also inform us of a new account number via e-mail. Please send an e-mail to: Would you like money to be collected by direct debit from your new account number? If so, please complete this form
New legal form or merger

If the legal form of your company changes, your Chamber of Commerce number will probably change as well. Please inform us of this. You can do so using the registration form. In the comments field, state that it involves a change of legal form and your current affiliation number. We will then reregister your company with its new CoC number. As a result, you will receive a new affiliation number. Subsequently, you should renew the UPA link to your salary administration. After we have received the first UPA submission under the new number, we will transfer all your employees.
 Production or service provision

Closing down a company or no longer employing personnel

To deregister from our pension schemes, send us an email via

By means of the (final) UPA submission, you will be deregistering all your employees.

N.B. While your wages tax number is still active, we will expect you to send a UPA each month.



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