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Your employees accrue pension with us. Consequently, we need you to provide us with some details. You can do this via







1. How do I pass on my details to you?
This depends on which details are involved:

If you do your own administration
Via your salary package, you should pass the details on to us every month (or every 4 weeks). You do this by means of a UPA message. We extract all the salary and terms of employment details from this message. On the basis of these details, you will receive an invoice. If there are any mistakes in your UPA message, you will immediately see these in your salary package and on You should correct these mistakes yourself in your salary package. Subsequently, you should send us a corrected UPA message. If you would like more information about the UPA, you can read all about it on our UPA-page.

If someone else does your administration:
Then you authorise your administration office, so that its personnel can send us UPA messages on your behalf.You can read how to do this on our UPA-page.
2. If you are an administration office
We issue each administration office with their own account. They can, therefore register using their own affiliation number. In this way, they will be able to pass on changes to us or submit UPAs for several clients using only one number.
3. What is is the online pension environment for employers. Here you can arrange the majority of pension matters easily and digitally. has replaced 

At you can:
- access and amend all your company details;
- authorise your administration office to undertake your pension administration for you;
- set up your UPA settings and authorisations;
- check your UPA messages have been received;
- pass on details of parental leave, salary corrections and any other changes;
- amend your advance amounts;
- check which salary details you have passed on to us;
- see which of your employees are accruing pension with us;
- see the most important features of your pension scheme.

If you do not, as yet, have an account
You can register very simply. To do so, go to, at the bottom of the page you click on ‘Register’. After you have registered, we will send you a password by post; this will take no more than five working days. Via 'Authorisations' and 'UPA settings´, you can check your administration office has the correct authorisations.