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Your employees accrue pension with us. Consequently, we need you to provide certain details to us. This page sets out which details we require and when we require them.


1. I have an average salary scheme. How do I pass on my details to you?
This depends on which details are involved:

Employment-related details
Informing us that employees are entering or leaving your employment
You should do this within a month of any employee entering or leaving your employment. This should be done via Subsequently, we will inform your employees about the pension-related consequences as quickly as possible.

Pass on information about parental leave and demotion
We would prefer you to pass this information on before the changes are applicable. If that is not possible, please pass on these details as soon as possible after the changes apply.  We will then ensure that your employees accrue the pension they are entitled to. You can do so via your personal page on

Salary details
We use the salary details to calculate both your contribution and the amount of pension (capital) your employees accrue. It is, therefore, vital that the salary details you provide are correct, complete and on time. If not, we may send your employees incorrect information.

At present, you submit annual salary details to us after the end of each year. As of 1 January 2019, you are transferring to the Uniform Pension Submission (UPA) system. This means we will be able to link our system with your salary system. We will then receive the definitive salary details directly each month. After which, you will immediately receive a final statement.
2. I have a defined contribution scheme. How do I pass on my details to you?
If you have a defined contribution scheme in the Wholesale in Flowers and Plants, or Sea Fisheries, you submit the salary details by means of the Uniform Pension Submission (UPA). 
3. What is is the online pension environment for employers. Here you can arrange the majority of pension matters easily and digitally. has replaced