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This is what Pensioenfonds PGB does

Pensioenfonds PGB manages the pension capital of your employees and informs them about it.

This is what happens with your pension premium
You pay (together with your employees) a premium for building up the pension of your employees.

We keep track of exactly how much pension (capital) your employees are building up. We also invest their pension capital. We do this because we expect that, in the long term, this will yield more money than simply saving. Your employees’ final pension consists of only a part of the money that (you together with) your employees pay. The other part comes from our investment return.

When your employee retires later, he/she will receive his/her retirement pension from us. If your employee dies, this pension ceases. Does he/she also have partner pension with us? Then his/her partner will receive this pension from us when he/she passes away.    

This is how we inform your employees about their pension
Your employees receive a pension overview from us each year, stating how much pension (capital) they have already built up.

We also inform your employees at the following times:
- when they begin building up pension with us;
- when they get divorced;
- when they stop building up pension with us;
- when they are close to retiring;
- when your pension scheme changes.

It is important that your employees themselves also inquire about their pension if, for example, something changes in their lives



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