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Getting divorced

If your employee is getting divorced, he/she should consider the division of his/her pension.

According to the law, your employee must divide his/her pension:
- the built up partner pension is for the ex-partner. His/her new partner will receive less pension from us when your employee dies. Unless the ex-partner renounces it.
- half of the retirement pension that your employee built up during the marriage or registered partnership is for the ex-partner. Unless your employee has arranged for a different division.

This is what your employee must do  
It is important that your employee inform us of the division of his/her retirement pension within 2 years. We will then later pay out the retirement pension to him/her and the ex-partner in accordance with the division.

How to inform your employee
It is important that you inform your employee. You can do so via this page. We will inform your employee as well. We do so within 3 months after your employee has gotten divorced.