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If your employee becomes unemployed, he or she will no longer be building up pension with us.

Your employee will no longer be building up pension with us. The pension he/she has already built up remains his/hers. The following will also change:
- Has your employee died? Then his or her partner will receive less or no partner pension from us.
- Has your employee become incapacitated for work? Then we will not pay for building up his/her pension. Unless your employee was sick prior to becoming unemployed. There are conditions that apply to this.

Your employee has 2 choices
Does your employee would like to…
1. arrange more partner pension for his/her partner?
2. build up pension voluntarily (on his own)?

How to inform your employee
It is important that you inform your employee. You can do this via this page. We will inform your employee as well. We will do that within 3 months after he or she has resigned.