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Ill or unfit for work

If your employee becomes ill or unfit for work, this has consequences for his/her pension.

For the first 2 years that your employee is ill, he/she will receive a salary as usual. The salary may decrease. If this happens, your employee most likely builds up less pension with us.

What happens after 2 years
After 2 years, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) will look to see if your employee is unfit for work. Is that for at least 35%? Then this changes:
- Your employee receives Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) benefits. Whether or not he/she will receive invalidity pension from us depends on your pension scheme. 
- Your employee builds up pension for the portion that he/she is unfit for work at our cost. For the portion that your employee continues to work, you (together with him/her) pay.

How to inform your employee
It is important that you inform your employee. You can do so via this page. We will inform your employee as well. We will do so as soon as the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) informs us that your employee is unfit for work.