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Welcome to Pensioenfonds PGB

Welcome to Pensioenfonds PGB! Your employees have recently begun building up pension with us.

We would like to arrange the pension of your employees as best as possible. After all, it concerns the money from which they must live later.

Arrange your registration in 5 steps
You will receive a letter from us in which we confirm your registration. This letter will also contain your customer number. This number is needed for You inform us of the salary details of your employees via this website. You also register and unregister your employees here.

Step 1: Register your company at 
Go to the secured website and at the bottom of the page select “registration”. Enter your data. You will receive your password by post within 5 working days.

Step 2: Check if all your employees are registered in the system
Using your customer number and password, log in at Go to “Employees”. You will see an overview of your employees. Is an employee missing? Then register him/her.

Step 3: Give us permission for automatic payment
Have you not yet given us permission for automatic payment? You can still do so.

Step 4: Decide which extras you would like to arrange for your employees
Depending on your pension scheme, there are 5 ways to arrange for extras for your employees:
Would you like your employees to build up extra retirement pension?
Would you like your employees to build up extra partner pension?
Would you like to insure General surviving relatives act pension for your employees?
Do you want your employees to receive pension if they become unfit for work?
Would you like your employees with a salary above € 101,519 to be insured for extra partner pension?

Step 5: Inform your employees about their pension
We inform your employees about their pension within 3 months after your registration. You can help us with this by pointing out this page to your employees.