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Defined contribution scheme

The amount of the pension depends on the premium to be paid and the investment return.

Employees build up pension capital with a defined contribution scheme. They purchase pension with this capital. This is done up to 10 years before their retirement date.

Pensioenfonds PGB administers various defined contribution schemes for affiliated business sectors and undertakings. In the basic scheme, variations are possible in the pensionable salary, offset sum, graduated scale and utilisation percentage. In addition, supplementary collective schemes and a combination scheme are possibilities.


The amount of the final pension depends on:
- the pension premium paid;
- the investment return that we achieve;
- the rates when the pension is purchased. 


This is also included in the scheme

​partner's pension​:​a maximum of 70% of the retirement pension
​orphan's pension​:​20% of the partner's pension
non-contributory building up​:in de case of disability
​lifecycle​:the older the employee, the lower the investment risk