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Representation of interest

Different organisations nominate candidates for the board.

Employers’ Council
The employers’ council consists of representatives for employers’ organisations from the different sectors. Is there a vacancy in the board for a board member on behalf of the employers? Then the employers’ council nominates candidates. The council may also nominate members for the accountability body that represents the employers.

Trade unions
The trade unions the Dutch Trade Union Confederation KIEM (FNV KIEM), the Dutch Union of Journalists (NVJ) and the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands (CNV Vakmensen) (-> FNV KIEM, NVJ en CNV Vakmensen) stand up for the interests of employees and pensioners. Is there a vacancy for a board member on behalf of the employees or the pensioners? Then the trade unions may nominate candidates. They also appoint members of the accountability body who represent the employees or the pensioners.

Association of pensioners 
Established in 2013, the association of pensioners (De vereniging van gepensioneerden) stands up for the interests of pensioners. Is there a vacancy for a board member on behalf of the pensioners? Then this association may nominate candidates. The association may also nominate 3 members for the accountability body.

Are there more candidates for board members on behalf of the pensioners than there are vacancies? Then elections will be held.