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Mission and vision

On this page you can read about our mission and vision.


Pensioenfonds PGB wants to provide good, reliable and affordable pensions for employees in various sectors; pensions both for today and the future. Our mission has three corresponding core values:


We have a professional board and manage our assets prudently and sustainably. We communicate with the employers, employees and pensioners in a clear and balanced way.

We have regular meetings with the employers, employees and pensioners concerning their pension scheme and our communications. In this way, everyone can have their own say.

We keep a strict eye on our costs. If we incurred high expenses, these would be at the expense of future investments. We also try to work as efficiently as possible; and we constantly think about improvements.

The world about us is constantly changing. To ensure that the pensions remain good and affordable, Pensioenfonds PGB wants to grow sustainably. In that way, the costs per participant will go down and the investment risks be better spread. Moreover, the fund wants to be innovative. It is, therefore, important that the Fund continues developing; by, for example, renewing our service provision to participants and employers, as well as reassessing our pension schemes or investment policy.