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​On this page you can see who is on the board and their area of expertise.

The board is responsible for the implementation of the pension schemes. The board also deals with the financial accounts of the fund, the amount of the pension premium, the increase or decrease of the pensions and how the capital is invested.

How the pension scheme is put together is decided by the social partners.

Board members
The board has 10 members:
- 4 representatives for the employers
- 4 representatives for the employees
- 2 representatives for the pensioners

You can see here who our board members are and their area of expertise.

Code of conduct
Our directors have signed a code of conduct with which they must comply.

Reimbursement board members
Board members receive remuneration for their work. How much that is depends on their position, experience and the number of hours they work. In 2015 the remunerations varied from € 56,000 tot € 148,500 on a full-time basis. The remunerations of the board members have not been increased since 2011.

Does a director work for an employers' or employees' organisation? Then the director does not receive the remuneration himself, but the organisation does.