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This page introduces the members of our Board and describes their areas of expertise.

The Board is responsible for the implementation of the pension schemes. The Board is also responsible for the Fund’s financial accounts, the level of the pension contributions, increasing or reducing the pensions, as well as the way in which the assets are invested.  The actual form and content of the pension schemes is decided by the social partners.

Board members
There are 10 members of the Board:
- 4 representatives on behalf of the employers
- 4 representatives on behalf of the employees
- 2 representatives on behalf of the pensioners

Here you can see who our Board members are and their areas of expertise.

Code of conduct
Our Board members have all signed a code of conduct to which they must adhere.

Board members remuneration

The Board members are remunerated for their work. The daily reimbursement for the Board members is €950.00. The amount of time each Board member spends ranges from a minimum of two to a maximum of four days per week. The remuneration paid to the Board has not been increased since 2011.

If a Board member works for an employer’s or an employee’s organisation, the member does not receive the remuneration personally. The remuneration is paid to the organisation.



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