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Socially responsible investment

We consider it important to invest in a socially responsible fashion.
Pensioenfonds PGB considers it important that investments produce a good return and are also socially responsible. For this reason we invest in accordance with the Global Compact Principles of the United Nations.

For example, we do not wish to invest in companies that do not comply with internationally recognised human rights or that manufacture controversial weapons. However, we do invest in companies that score well on sustainability criteria. Consider for example wind and solar power, Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises and microfinance.

An active approach to consultation and voting
As an investor we want to rely on companies taking proper care of the interests of investors. For this reason asset managers on our behalf actively consult with the companies in which we invest. They also vote on our behalf at shareholders' meetings of listed companies. The advantage of this is that they are able to exert more influence because they represent several investors.

Excluding companies
Pensioenfonds PGB does not wish to invest in companies that do not comply with the Global Compact Principles of the United Nations. Every quarter we receive from Sustainanalytics a list of companies that fail to comply with these principles.

If at that time we invest directly in such a company, we will sell these shares and/or bonds. Unless we consider it useful to first consult with the company in question. The interest of the participants always comes first. What if we invest in such a company via an investment fund? Then we will consult with the fund.

See the list of companies that have been excluded

Signatory of UNPRI
Pensioenfonds PGB also complies with the UNPRI, the Principles for Responsible Investing. Via these principles of the United Nations, we promise to take the environment, human rights, labour rights and good governance into account when investing. And to provide information on this in an open way. Both the pension fund and most asset managers who work for us have signed the UNPRI.