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Our investment policy

When investing we take account of the wishes of our participants.

Pensioenfonds PGB deems it is vital that the the way we invest corresponds to the wishes of the participants. Consequently, we regularly survey what our participants think about investing and the associated risks.


Our participants would like...
- to run slightly more risk with the chance of a higher pension.
- to be certain of a minimum level of pension. 
- to have a higher chance of a slight reduction than a lower chance of a large reduction.


Investment policy average salary scheme

The form of investment is linked to the coverage ratio. Given a low coverage ratio, we take less risk than when the coverage ratio is higher. 
Given a (really) high coverage ratio, we again take less risk. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a minimum level of pension; but in this way, we do our utmost to try to ensure this.

Depending on the level of the coverage ratio, the spread over the investment categories is as follows:
- 40 to 60% of the assets are invested in low risk  investments (such as government bonds).
- 40 to 60% of the assets are invested in a higher risk investments (such as equities).

We also make use of so-called stress scenarios, in the context of which we look at developments in the world economy.

Investment policy defined contribution scheme
The way we invest is linked to the age of the participants. The older the participant, the lower the risk we take. When participants are younger, we invest more in investments with a higher risk, such as shares. These investments are expected to provide a higher return. Shares do carry a higher risk and there is, therefore, a greater chance that the values of the investments may decline. The participant can also choose how we invest on his or her behalf. 
He or she can choose his or her own investment profile. The participant can choose between a defensive, a neutral or an offensive investment profile. 
In addition, any participant who is, or is almost, 58 years of age has an important choice to make about his or her pension. Until that time, we invest all the accrued pension capital. Subsequently, this can change and depends on whether the participant has opted for a stable or variable pension on retirement. This choice determines how we invest on this participant’s behalf until his or her retirement date. If a participant chooses a stable pension, then we gradually purchase a pension for him or her; and we continue investing the participant’s remaining capital. If a participant chooses a variable pension, then we continue to invest all of his or her pension capital.

Would you like to know more about the choices a participant has? If so, you can find this information here.

The way in which we invest on a participant’s behalf therefore depends on his or her age and the choices he or she has made. Here you can see the way we do this. 

Here you can view our investments.




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