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Quarterly report

In the quarterly report you can find how Pensioenfonds PGB is doing financially

Pensioenfonds PGB’s financial situation has improved in the fourth quarter of 2017. The current UFR funding ratio rose from 108.3% to 108.9%.
The policy funding ratio rose from 103.7% to 106.1%. Over the whole of 2017, the current UFR funding ratio rose by 8.4% and the policy funding ratio rose by 10.1%. These funding ratios are criteria for any indexation or cuts (an increase or decrease of your pension).
The return on the investments over the 4th quarter of 2017 was 2.6%. Over the whole of 2017, we realised a 6.7% return on our investments.

The value of the pension liabilities moves upward or downward as a result of interest rate fluctuations. The consequence of this movement for our financial position is cushioned at year-end 2017 for about 45% by investments in the Matching Portfolio (Euro government bonds, Euro corporate bonds and Mortgages). The aim of the Return Portfolio (Equities, Alternative Real Assets and Alternative Fixed-income Securities) is to create extra return, for example to allow us to increase the pensions. The value of the total investments is € 25.5 billion. 
This is what happened financially
- Policy funding ratio 31 December 2017 : 106.1% (10.1% increase in 2017)
- Return on investments in 2017: 6.7%
- Invested assets 31 December 2017: € 25.5 billion  

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