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The new pension system: the route to our new pension

Hello, my name is Peter. I am a participant in the pension scheme of Pensioenfonds PGB. I like to stay informed about my pension because it concerns my income for later. With the introduction of the new pension system, my pension will also change. Therefore, I want to know what that means for me. On this page I will share my findings!

New agreements on pension
The job market is changing. People tend to switch jobs much more frequently. They often do not work for just one employer their entire lives and many people work as self-employed persons for a number of years. Therefore, the pension system must change accordingly to remain future-proof. The current fixed pension payments have become very expensive due to the low interest rates. And for more and more people the challenge is to continue working in good health until they reach their AOW (state pension) and retirement age. In short, new agreements on pensions and the AOW (state pension) are necessary for a good pension now and in the future. 

Timeline: the route to the new pension
It is clear to me that adjusting pensions does not happen overnight. The government, representatives of employers, employees and pensioners, regulators and the pension sector have been discussing this for years. What I know now is the following:
- In 2019, it was already agreed that the AOW age will rise less quickly. 
- At the end of 2020, the government translated the pension agreement, which was concluded by social partners
  (employers and employees), into a draft bill. 
- Everyone was allowed to give a response to this draft bill containing the changes to pensions. Including pension
- The prospect is that pension funds can start applying the new rules as of 1 January 2022.

The timeline below shows what will be on the agenda in the coming years. I will arrange for this to be continually updated to reflect the most recent developments.


My search for more information
And below you will find my articles on different aspects of the new pension.

The new pension: does it affect me too?

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