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Sustainable investment policy PGB scores well


​Each year, the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) conducts a survey of the performance of sustainable investments of the 50 largest pension funds in the Netherlands. This year, the independent study showed that Pensioenfonds PGB has risen to 14th place in the ranking. In the VBDO climate strategy ranking, Pensioenfonds PGB even reached the 5th place of the 80 largest institutional investors (insurers and pension funds).

Focus on sustainable investments
Socially responsible investment (MVB) is an important theme for Pensioenfonds PGB. This is also shown by our Annual MVB report (Dutch only).
We distinguish 3 pillars in our socially responsible investment policy:
1. The reduction of negative effects, among other things by excluding companies.
2. Promoting improvements, among other things through ongoing discussions with companies.
3. Increasing our positive impact, among other things through our climate policy.

Pensioenfonds PGB again one of the funds to have shown most improvements
In its report, VBDO states that for the second time in a row, we are one of the funds that have shown most improvements in the area of sustainable investments. “With a rise from 24th to 14th place, PGB Pension Fund has once again improved its position in the rankings and the fund is moving into the large middle group.” Earlier this year, Pensioenfonds PGB received an award from the trade journal Pensioen Pro for our socially responsible investment policy when investing in non-listed companies.

Climate policy is becoming increasingly important, also according to our participants
VBDO's climate survey shows that half of the major pension funds have not defined concrete action points against climate change. Our participants consider climate change important, according to our participants survey, and so does Pensioenfonds PGB’s executive board. For this reason, it was decided last year to no longer invest in companies that obtain more than 50% of their turnover from coal mining or energy generation using coal. We have also started to invest more in green bonds. These are loans that are used for sustainable investments. This has contributed to Pensioenfonds PGB ranking 5th place among institutional investors (insurers and pension funds) in VBDO's new two-yearly climate survey.

Want to know more?
On the website of VBDO you can find a news report in which you can download the full report on sustainable investments. On this website, you can also find a news report on the climate ranking, and the report. On the Pensioenfonds PGB website, you can read everything about how we put socially responsible investing into practice.