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Pensioenfonds PGB invests in electric railway traffic in Europe


Pensioenfonds PGB has acquired an indirect interest in Alpha Trains from pension provider APG. The interest of Pensioenfonds PGB is managed by asset manager Arcus, which also manages APG's remaining interest in Alpha Trains. Alpha Trains is the largest leasing company for passenger trains and locomotives in continental Europe. 

Market leader in Europe

Alpha Trains has a portfolio of 850 passenger trains and locomotives that are leased to European railway companies. In the Netherlands, Dutch Railways (NS) uses Alpha Trains locomotives for intercity services. Most of the fleet is electric. Because of its large and young fleet, Alpha Trains is well equipped to respond to the liberalisation of railway transport in Europe. 

Despite the corona crisis, the prospects for Alpha Trains are positive. The long-term contracts with carriers and the growth opportunities in Europe make Alpha Trains an investment that fits in well with our sustainable investment strategy. The investment also contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure. More information about our Sustainable Development Goals can be found on this page.

Green financing
Alpha Trains makes use of Green Financing to expand its portfolio. This is a form of socially responsible investing whereby investments are made in companies that support or offer environmentally friendly products and practices. Alpha Trains is part of the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network and the company has been climate neutral since 2020.

Especially for freight and passenger transport, railway transport is significantly less environmentally damaging. In 2019, the use of freight locomotives from Alpha Trains saved an estimated 1.3 million tonnes of CO2, a reduction of 6.7 times the emissions. 

You can read more about Pensioenfonds PGB's investment in electric railway transport in Europe in Alpha Trains Press Release.

Image source: Alpha Trains