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Pensioenfonds PGB, Achmea and CGI create platform for pension administration

Together with Achmea and CGI, Pensioenfonds PGB is going to set up a new platform for pension administration. This platform is based on the existing RiskCo Administration Platform (RAP) of the Utrecht-based company InAdmin RiskCo. Achmea and PGB will be taking over this company. The proposed cooperation is subject to approval by the regulators.
The three parties will jointly invest in the new platform which will subsequently be offered to all players in the pension sector. In this way we expect to achieve economies of scale and cost benefits for participants, pension providers and pension funds. The new platform will also make it possible to respond more flexibly and more quickly to the major changes in the Dutch pension system. 
Leading platform in the pension sector
Jochem Dijckmeester, chair of the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB: “We believe that this initiative not only adds value for our participants, but for the Dutch pension sector at large. It offers an excellent basis for cooperation in the sector.” Harold Clijsen, CEO of our implementation organisation PGB Pensioendiensten, concurs with this: “By combining expertise, we increase the chance that the RAP solution will develop into the leading platform in the pension sector. A solution that reduces costs whilst improving efficiency for our participants.”
About InAdmin RiskCo
InAdmin RiskCo is an administrative service provider with approximately 130 employees which brings together pension providers, (corporate) pension funds, asset managers, PPIs and insurers on its open administration platform. The company has strong roots in the pension world and provides affordable and flexible pension administration to 26 companies with in total more than 330,000 employees.
More information can be found in this press release.