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04 November 2021

Financial situation has further improved in third quarter

“Our improved financial situation in the first two quarters of this year fortunately persisted in the third quarter."

06 October 2021

How much risk are you willing to run with your pension?

Use your influence by joining our survey!

03 August 2021

Improvement financial situation persists in second quarter

“Our improved financial situation in the first quarter fortunately persisted in the second quarter."

02 August 2021

Do you want to have influence on your pension? You can do so via the Accountability Body

Do you think it’s important to represent the interests of participants, pensioners and employers?

21 June 2021

A new step towards a better climate

Pensioenfonds PGB has joined the Pension Federation’s Climate Agreement Commitment.

21 June 2021

Transfer of accrued benefits possible again

Now that our coverage ratio is above 100%, the Pensions Act allows us to again cooperate in individual transfers of accrued benefits.

15 June 2021

Annual magazine Pensioenfonds PGB: an eventful year in focus

For our participants, we have made an online annual magazine about 2020.

18 May 2021

Improvement financial situation continues in first quarter

“Our coverage ratio rose as a result of the higher interest rates and the return on our investments in shares."

09 March 2021

Pensioenfonds PGB invests in electric railway traffic in Europe

Pensioenfonds PGB has acquired an indirect interest in Alpha Trains from pension provider APG.

23 February 2021

In conversation with our participants

In January, the first digital participants meeting about the new pension took place. The four main points were discussed during this conversation.

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