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Jochem Dijckmeester to be chair of the PGB Board


As of 1 February 2020, Jochem Dijckmeester has been appointed chair of the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB. He is to succeed Ruud Degenhardt, who will stay at Pensioenfonds PGB as vice chair until the end of 2020.


The most important issue in the coming years is that, together with our social partners, we have to introduce a new pension system in a balanced way. Of vital importance in this respect is that we visibly represent the interests of our participants and that we are able to explain the pensions clearly. That is what Pensioenfonds PGB stands for and where I, as chair, would really like to make a contribution,” according to Jochem Dijckmeester. 


Since 2016, Jochem Dijckmeester (38) has been a member of the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB. He was originally the board member responsible for strategic communication and since January 2019 has been vice chair of the pension fund. His primary interest is future strategy, the Board and the relationship with the participants, employers and other interested parties.


Ruud Degenhardt (71) has been chair of the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB for 12 years. His period on the Board will expire at the end of this year. “They were enjoyable years, but extremely intensive; with various crises and a long period during which we were unable to index-link the pensions.”


He can look back on a period on the Board during which the pension fund changed enormously. “We changed from a graphic fund into a multi-sector pension fund that cooperates with several different business sectors and organisations. By working vigorously to enable flexible implementation of the pension schemes and embracing cooperation, a robust pension fund has been created; a pension fund prepared for the future.”


In the course of this year, there will be various vacancies on the Board as both Bert Coenradie and Frans de Haan are stepping down as members of the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB. In addition, there is a vacancy for someone to succeed Freek Busweiler, who died last year. Until he retires as a board member, Ruud Degenhardt will primarily concentrate on supervising the changes in the PGB board.