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Harold Clijsen new general director PGB Pensioendiensten


Harold Clijsen (48) has been appointed to general director of PGB Pensioendiensten, the implementation organisation of Pensioenfonds PGB. He will succeed Daan Heijting, who will join The Executive Network in January 2020 to become a partner.


Harold Clijsen has been affiliated with PGB Pensioendiensten since 2014, as Chief Investment Officer. From this position he is responsible for balance sheet management and investing the pension assets of approximately EUR 30 billion. He is also a member of the management team of PGB Pensioendiensten. He will start his new position on 1 January 2020.

Harold Clijsen previously held positions at pension provider MN and Interpolis Pensioenen. He studied business administration for the financial sector and asset management at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and followed various management training programmes.

Chairman Ruud Degenhardt of Pensioenfonds PGB: “With Harold Clijsen, we have someone on board who is an advocate of renewal as well as continuity. Together with the Executive Board and the experts in his team, he has taken our balance sheet management and - sustainable - asset management to a higher level. This has led to recognition through a number of awards in the pension sector. He knows all the ins and outs of our pension fund and our future strategy. With him we can continue to build on the growth and modernisation of our organisation.”

Harold Clijsen: “It has been a great pleasure to me to help build the organisation that manages the PGB assets in a professional way over the past few years. I know Pensioenfonds PGB as an active and dynamic fund that always tries to make the best choices for its participants and employers, offering flexible but also robust pension solutions. I would like to help the pension fund to grow further in the challenging environment that we will face in the years to come”.

PGB Pensioendiensten is a full subsidiary of Pensioenfonds PGB and provides the pension administration, balance sheet and asset management and other support services for the pension fund. The pension provider employs approximately 250 people.