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Hans Kamps: 'Board work is extra exciting because of all the the constant changes'

“Pensions must be properly arranged in a social organisation where working together is considered important. That was my belief as a member of the Management Board of Boskalis, and it is now also an important reason to join the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB.”

Hans Kamps (61) has been vice chairman of Pensioenfonds PGB since the beginning of this year. “The fact that many things will change in the coming years is what appeals to me,” he says. “That makes it really exciting to be a pension fund director now.

Hans Kamps succeeds Ruud Degenhardt, who has been at the helm of Pensioenfonds PGB for a long time and who led the expansion and growth of the pension fund. “That was a good strategy,” says Hans Kamps. "And it’s great to be involved in the further development of the fund.”

A participant himself
Koninklijke Boskalis, one of the largest dredging groups in the world, joined Pensioenfonds PGB in 2014. “I was closely involved in the transfer to this pension fund. And I am a participant here myself.” 

Hans Kamps worked for Boskalis for more than 30 years. He was a member of its Management Board from 2006 to 2019. “I am not from the pensions sector and I am not a pensions specialist. But I have a lot of experience as a director of a large, complex company.” 

At Boskalis he was responsible for financial management on the Management Board. Finance is one of the areas of expertise he brings to the table, including as chairman of the pension fund’s Audit Committee. But he is also interested in the future of pensions in a wider context. “Looking at developments from a different perspective has added value. I think it is great that this is possible.” 

Pension fund manager before
However, pensions are not unfamiliar territory for Hans Kamps. Until the transfer from Pensioenfonds Boskalis to Pensioenfonds PGB in 2014, he was on the board of the company pension fund. And until 2015 he was active as a board member of the sectoral pension fund for Hydraulic Engineering. 

In addition to his work for Pensioenfonds PGB, Hans Kamps is a supervisory director at three companies. He was appointed at Pensioenfonds PGB on the recommendation of the employers’ council.