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Transfer of accrued benefits possible again

Pensioenfonds PGB’s policy coverage ratio rose to 100.8% as at 30 April. The coverage ratio is the ratio between our assets and the pensions we need to pay out. If the coverage ratio remains at least 100%, there will be exactly enough money to pay out all pensions for many years to come. A high coverage ratio is therefore essential. 

We are resuming individual transfers of accrued benefits
Now that our coverage ratio is above 100%, the Pensions Act allows us to again cooperate in individual transfers of accrued benefits. That is why we are again taking up transfer requests.

You will receive a letter if your transfer of accrued benefits will be taken up
Have you previously submitted a request to transfer your pension to Pensioenfonds PGB?
Then you will receive a letter from us. Have you submitted an application to transfer your pension with Pensioenfonds PGB to another pension provider? Then you will be informed by your new pension provider. It is good to know that your former or new pension provider must also have a coverage ratio of 100% or higher to be able to cooperate in a transfer of accrued benefits.

Do you need more information about the coverage ratio?
Please visit this page. For more information on an increase or decrease of pensions, please see this page.