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English language information for participants


​Increasingly, we are welcoming foreign participants to Pensioenfonds PGB. We appreciate that these participants are not always able to speak or read Dutch. In order to ensure our communications about pensions can be understood by this group of participants, we have had a number of our communications translated into English. Below is a short overview of the resources which have been translated. is available in English!
Our participants’ personal website: is also available in English!  Gaining access is very easy: participants simply have to click on the British flag in the top right-hand corner of the main screen of the website


The English language information on is extensive
There is extensive information on the English language website. You can now find our most important news items in English; including, for example, an English version of the Quarterly Report,  in which we explain our financial situation, and an English version of our Annual Report.


Also watch our subtitled animation clips!
On our website, you can also watch short animated films in which, in approximately two-minutes,  we explain important pension events. There are animation clips about divorcing/separating, the pension statement and applying for a pension. Shortly, we are also going to show subtitled animation clips about our (socially responsible) investments and your partner’s pension.


New translations in 2019…
In 2019, we will be translating even more of the information on our website. For important pension moments (when you start contributing or first have your pension paid out), English language overviews will be made available.

These will be comparable to the overview we previously provided for the Pension Statement (UPO).
We will keep you informed via our digital newsletter PGB News, which our participants can also read in English.