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Do you want to have influence on your pension? You can do so via the Accountability Body

Do you think it’s important to represent the interests of participants, pensioners and employers? Would you like to take a look behind the scenes at Pensioenfonds PGB? Or would you like to talk to someone from the Accountability Body? This is possible! We will be pleased to tell you what our Accountability Body does.

Supervision and advice
The Accountability Body consists of 18 members: six on behalf of the employees, six on behalf of the pensioners and six on behalf of the employers. Together, they supervise the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB, assess its policies and give advice. To be able to do its work properly, the Accountability Body would like to enter into a dialogue with its member base.

“Interesting to contribute ideas”
Jannet Visser, member of the Accountability Body, about her job: “Among other things, we make sure that everyone’s interests are represented in a balanced way. Take, for example, contributions. You want new pension accrual to be affordable for employers and employees. At the same time, everyone who has already accrued pension has an interest in ensuring that sufficient money is paid for the new accrual. It’s complex, but also very interesting to be given the opportunity to contribute your ideas to this matter.”

Important themes in 2021
This year, the Accountability Body will be spending a lot of time studying the pension system. When the Board presents its proposals for the new schemes from 2022, it will be the Accountability Body’s task to assess these. Furthermore, the Accountability Body wants to consult its member base more often this year, also in order to hear about the wishes and needs of young and old employees, former members, pensioners and major and small employers.

Representatives from all sectors
The Accountability Body considers it important to have broad support. This is why the Accountability Body is striving for more female and young members and for representatives from all sectors affiliated with Pensioenfonds PGB.

Want to know more or apply?
Currently there are vacancies on behalf of employees or pensioners (by FNV). This autumn, the Accountability Body also wants to set up a sounding board. For this, we are looking for people who feel engaged and whom we can regularly ask for their opinion. If you participate, you will get a better view of all pension developments and you will get to know Pensioenfonds PGB better. Are you interested, now or in the future, in becoming a member of the Accountability Body or in participating in the sounding board sessions? Then please visit this page or contact the Accountability Body via