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Communicate digitally? Choose when to communicate digitally!


‚ÄčFrom now on, you can indicate whether you want to communicate with us digitally for several subjects. This is easy and safe for you. And it saves costs. Record your communication preferences on and provide us with your email address.

Registration for digital communication is easy
Through your personal profile on you can register to communicate digitally in a simple way. When you log in, you will immediately see, once only, a screen where you can record your preferences. You can change this information at any time via the main page on

Please let us know your preferences for the following topics:

Personal post and your pension statement
Personal mail includes letters, forms and any specifications you receive from us.
On your pension statement you can see how much pension you currently have in your account, how much you can receive from us in the future or are already receiving from us. You can indicate whether you would like to receive your post and overview on paper or digitally. Digital post is easy and safe: we will notify you when digital mail is ready for you to collect. And all mail is in one place where you can access it at all times.

Please note: Do you have a new email address? In that case it is important that you adjust your email address in your personal profile on Otherwise we cannot notify you when you have got mail.

PGB Beeld magazine
PGB Beeld is our annual pension magazine, the content of which is geared to your situation
(you are accruing pension or receiving pension). You can indicate whether you would like to receive the magazine on paper or digitally.

Digital newsletter PGB Bericht
If you choose to receive the digital newsletter PGB Bericht, you will
receive important news about your pension 6 to 8 times a year on the email address you have stated. You cannot opt to receive the newsletter on paper.

Do you want to give your opinion on certain topics? If so, you will receive a short questionnaire from us (only digitally) once a year on average. In the questionnaire you can also indicate how satisfied you are. Or, for example, how you feel about taking risk when investing or about socially responsible investing.
The questionnaire will be handled confidentially.

Customer panel
If you wish to contribute your ideas as a member of the customer panel, we will present you with a variety of things by email several times a year. For example, an animated film, a letter or a flyer about which we would like to hear your opinion. You decide for yourself how often you participate and you don't need to have any knowledge about pensions. From time to time, we also organise personal meetings to which you can be invited. If you attend such meetings, you will be reimbursed.