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Basic premium remains unchanged in 2019


The board of directors of Pensioenfonds PGB has determined the premium for 2019 for the basic average salary scheme. This basic premium will remain at 24 percent next year. 

Basic premium average salary scheme will remain at 24 percent in 2019
Each year, the board of directors sets the premium needed to pay the pension schemes. For 2019, the basic premium of the average salary scheme will remain at 24%. Just as in 2018. Pensioenfonds PGB operates various average salary schemes that deviate from the basic scheme, both sectoral schemes and company schemes. The premium for these schemes is derived from the basic premium and may be higher or lower. This depends on your scheme. Because the basic premium will not change, for most schemes the premium will hardly change. 

What does this mean for you as an employer? 
- Do you have a sectoral pension scheme in the graphics media, cardboard and flexible packaging business or
  painting and printing ink industry, or is your scheme derived from any of these? The employee and employer
  organisations in your sector are discussing a possible amendment to your pension scheme. In December, we will
  send you a letter to inform you about this.

- Do you have a sectoral pension scheme in offshore fishing or a wholesale business in flowers and plants? In that
  case you have a defined contribution scheme with us. In December you will receive a letter to inform you about

- Do you have your own company pension scheme and have you voluntarily decided to have your pension scheme
  operated by us? Then we will make a new premium calculation for you. There may be small differences in the
  premium if the average age in your company has changed relative to last year. In early November, we will send
  you a letter with the new premium. If you wish to amend your pension scheme you must discuss this with your
  employee representatives. If your pension scheme is amended, we would like to be notified by mid-December at
  the latest.