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A new member of the Board Ronald Heijn

Recently, Ronald Heijn (55) has joined the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB. In the coming years, he will focus in particular on innovation in the field of communication, services and pension products.
Financial sector
After a career in banking, Ronald Heijn gained experience in the pensions sector as a board member of pension provider BeFrank and as a strategic advisor. He also supervised pension funds as a member of on-site review committees or as a supervisory director. 

“Whether at a bank or a pension fund, the great thing about working in the financial sector is that we help people with their dreams and desires for the future. From the college education of their children to a beautiful home or a fine, carefree old age,” says Ronald Heijn.

In addition to Pensioenfonds PGB, Ronald Heijn is also a board member of Pensioenfonds voor de Openbare Apothekers (the Pension Fund for Public Pharmacists). 

Ronald Heijn has worked at Business University Nyenrode since 2012, in positions with a focus on leadership, culture and change management. In particular, he was, and will continue to be, involved in training programmes in the field of pensions. “In the pensions sector, we are on the eve of very far-reaching changes,” according to Ronald Heijn. From the beginning of this year, he is still affiliated with the university one day a week, as a programme director for the pensions sector and as a core subject lecturer for family businesses.

Ronald Heijn believes in the power of community building and hopes that he can play a role in liaising between science and practice. “PGB is a pension fund with an entrepreneurial spirit, with a vision for the future based on building networks and connecting people and groups. I feel very much at home in such an environment.” 
Ronald Heijn sits on the board on behalf of pensioners, and has been nominated by the Pensioners’ Association.