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New: log in using DigiD

​From now on you can log in on using your DigiD. Up to now you did so using your
registration number and password.

DigiD is often used to log in at other organisations. The Tax and Customs Administration, for example.
The advantage of DigiD is that it is even safer and that there are fewer passwords you need to remember. 

If you don't have a DigiD yet

Go to and select 'Aanvragen'. You will need your cell phone and your Dutch Citizens Service Number (Dutch: burgerservicenummer). There you can also find many frequently asked questions about DigiD.

Viewing your pension online
On you have easy and safe access to your personal pension information (in Dutch). Such as your current pension scheme and the digital post you receive from us.

Are you living abroad?
If you are living abroad and have Dutch nationality, you can apply for a DigiD. On you can read how to do this.

Are you living abroad and do you not have Dutch nationality? Then, if you are receiving AOW, you can apply for a DigiD via the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). 
Go to the SVB website for this.

Are you living abroad, do not have Dutch nationality and are not yet receiving AOW? Then you cannot apply for a DigiD. Unfortunately you also cannot, or no longer, make use of If you belong to this group, you will receive a letter from us shortly, containing information on how we are going to assist you.